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Liberation Theatre Company Selects Four Emerging Playwrights
For Their 2022-2023 Writing Residency Program

Check out details HERE



For believing that American theatre benefits from the presence of diverse voices.


For your past support of Liberation Theatre Company, as we provide a supportive home for emerging Black playwrights.


For supporting us now as we refocus and regroup following the pandemic shutdown, in order to find new ways to help more playwrights.


     We don’t have to tell you how difficult the past 2 years have been. All of us have had to change the way we operate, and in some cases, cease operations just to concentrate on survival. Small theatre companies like Liberation, with our very specific mission, now have to rethink how we do business in order to help the writers we serve.


     Your financial contribution of $25, $50, $100 or any amount, will enable us to restart our programs, create spaces and opportunities where Black playwrights can come together either in-person or virtually to work on new plays, develop existing ones, network with industry professionals and experience live theatre.


     The theatre world is changing and Liberation Theatre Company is poised to help playwrights take advantage of those changes. With your help, we can do more and help more. To that, we say...


Playwrights will receive dramaturgical and career support over a ten-month period beginning in May, during which time they will be required to complete the first draft of a new original full-length play. The plays will then receive a public reading in the Spring of 2023.

Calley Anderson, Brysen Boyd, Zakeia Tyson-Cross, and Devon Kidd

Liberation Theatre Company and other deserved theatre revolutionaries featured in American Theatre Magazine (article by LTC alum, Marcus Scott). READ IT HERE!


Funding for the 2022-23 Writing

Residency Program is provided

by the New York State Council

on the Arts and A.R.T. NY.

Thank you for your ongoing support of underrepresented voices. 

Please make a generous tax-deductible. 

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